You receive a commission for generated leads and sales if Consumer visits your website, social page or video content — clicks on advertiser’s banner or buys from advertiser’s online shop.



                                                    How It Works


  • Step 1. Sign up as a Merchants or Affiliates
  • Step 2. Search for the program.
  • Step 3. Wait for our approval.
  • Step 4. Get our code or banners to promote wide range of selected advertiser programmes in various sectors and watch commissions roll in.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other AforeMedia increase your site’s reputation and traffic without hurting you rankings or site.

  1. Direct advertising is a strategy aimed at reaching consumers without the need for some type of intermediary to establish the connection.
  2. As soon as the advertiser approves your leads and sales, your earnings will be credited to your account and will soon be visible on your bank balance.
  3. You don’t necessarily need a website to earn money with affiliate marketing. Creating a mobile portal or app is a new way of generating targeted traffic with the potential to convert into direct earnings.
  4. AforeMedia take free your search engine optimization to the next level with content and link building opportunities, track your site’s link profile over time and compare to competitors for intelligent, targeted link building.

Advertising is professionally designed and placed on great position, combined with a wide range of payment calculation methods:
– CPM – Cost Per Mille(1000 impressions)
– CPC – Cost Per Click
– CPA – Cost Per Action
– CPV – Cost per view

Traffic from almost all languages in the world, which helps achieve a 100% fill rate and bring you the highest profit.

Payment with the minimum threshold of $10. You can get paid via Paypal.

Revenue to website owner and does not limit the ability of collaborating to other websites.

Report ensures the accuracy of data and statistics on system 24/24 to help publishers have reliable information for their management.

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